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Motherdough Mill & Bakery is an organic bakery with a stone mill, in Toronto, Ontario. We mill all the flours for our breads and pastries in-house on our New American Stone Mill, using many kinds of organic grains. We do not sift any of our flours. We sell our flours to the public and mill to order. Our breads and pastries are made with a wheat or rye sourdough starter using traditional methods and simple processes. We choose to bake this way for its beauty, ecological integrity, deliciousness, and nutrition. We work to respect the craft of baking as we learned from baker mentors.

You can find us at The Stop Community Food Centre's Farmers' Market at Wychwood Barns, year round on Saturdays. You can also order our goods through our online store for pick up on Saturdays at drop off spots near Yonge and Sheppard, and Carlaw and the Danforth. We do not have a retail location. We no longer whole sale our baking, but we do whole sale some flours. Get in touch,

Thank you, 

Carole - miller, baker, owner.

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Organic Fresh Milled Hard Wheat
Markets and Cafes
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