Offered in 500g.


Here’s the descriptor from Against the Grain Farm, where this barley is grown:
“Once lost to history, this heirloom grain has been rediscovered and revived at ATG. A nutrient-rich hulless variety, naturally high in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, purple barley provides more zinc than lentils, more fibre than wheat, and more B vitamins than white barley. Because the grain's tough, inedible outer hull is only loosely connected to the kernel, it naturally falls during harvesting (meaning additional processing to remove the hull is not required). As a result most of the bran and endosperm is left intact and the germ is present, making hulless barley one of the most nutritious grains on earth!”
I’m convinced! Please let us know what you bake with it! We mill your flour the day before you get it.

Organic Fresh Milled Purple Barley Flour (1kg)